Voices from Solitary: Walk With Me ‚ÄĒ Life on the Inside of the SMU at USP Lewisburg

The following account comes from Live from Lockdown, a website focused on “using technology to provide voice and access to gang leaders and other influential inmates who are known personally by the community. Rather than glamorize street gangs, the mission of LIVE is to utilize gang leadership as credible messengers to provide an unvarnished view […]

Voices from Solitary: Prison Transfer

Editors’ Note: Tewhan Butler, a leader of the Bloods in New Jersey, is¬†five years into a¬†30-year in federal prison sentence. His writing appears, along with that of other former gang members now serving time, on the website Live from LockDown, a project of Raise¬†UP! Media. On Live from Lockdown, he describes his situation this way:¬†“Having […]

Voices from Solitary: Live from Lockdown

Tewhan “Massacre” Butler was leader of a New Jersey chapter of the Bloods street gang. Convicted in 2006 under federal racketeering statutes, he is currently serving time¬†in solitary confinement¬†at the U.S. Penitentiary at Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Live from Lockdown is¬†Butler’s blog,¬†created by RaiseUp Media. In his welcoming statement on the blog,¬†Butler writes: “I‚Äôm currently serving a […]

Lockdown Fuels "Cycle of Violence" at Federal Prison

The¬†Lewisburg Prison Project is¬†a nonprofit group that “provides legal and other assistance to prisoners in Central Pennsylvania. We are dedicated to the principle that prisoners are persons with incontestable rights to justice and compassion. We strive to provide safeguards for their constitutional and human rights.” Last week the Williamsport (Pennsylvania) Sun-Gazette drew on statements from […]