Staff & Advisors

Staff & Consultants

James Ridgeway 1936-2021, Founding Director

Jean Casella, Director

Vaidya Gullapalli, Staff Writer/Editor

Katie Rose Quandt, Juan Moreno Haines, Senior Contributing Writers and Editors-at-Large

Sara Rain Tree, Editorial and Project Associate

Alexandra Rivera, Project Assistant

Marlies Talay, Lifelines to Solitary Project Coordinator

Victoria Law, Sarah Shourd, Mirilla Zhu, Caitlin Konya, Contributing Writers

Wisdom Baker, Ashanti Bruce, Anna Schiff, Research and Reporting Interns
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Michael Casella, Finance Consultant

Aziz Dehkan, Eighty 20 Group, Development Consultant


Lois Ahrens, Director, The Real Cost of Prisons Project

Stephen B. Bright, President and Senior Counsel Emeritus, Southern Center for Human Rights

David C. Fathi, Director, ACLU National Prison Project

Bonnie Kerness, Coordinator, Prison Watch Project and STOPMAX Campaign, American Friends Service Committee

Robert King, activist and author; member of the Angola 3

Terry Kupers, MD, MSP, Institute Professor, The Wright Institute Graduate School of Psychology; clinical psychiatrist and expert in forensic mental health

Michael B. Mushlin, Professor, Pace University School of Law

Wilbert Rideau, journalist and author; former editor of the Angolite at the Louisiana State Pententiary

Laura Rovner, Associate Professor and Director, Civil Rights Clinic, University of Denver Sturm College of Law

Meryl Schwartz, Consultant; former Deputy Director of the Innocence Project

Jeffrey St. Clair, Editor, Counterpunch

Liliana Segura, Senior Editor, The Intercept

Charles Sullivan, Executive Director, CURE

Peter Wagner, Executive Director, Prison Policy Initiative

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