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  1. Don’t do violent crime and than in prison do more violence and intimidate the staff or you will be in Solitary Confinement with a toilet,shower,and 3 sub standard meals a day and maybe one hour of exercise a week.It’s awful and inhumane.On the outside people can shun you and your in your own apartment,toilet,shower,maybe some food everyday.And your in your own Solitary Confinement.Than if you have money you get these fake friends hanging on for a handout.No way get lost MF.Women always go for money even if they they think they love you.Without Christ in their heart they can’t truly love you.They love money,fame,sex,and they have bad hearts.Trust in God not man.Man will always let you down.Don’t murder,Don’t steal,Don’t lie.Love God and love others like yourself.

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