The Guant√°namos Next Door

LA County Jail The U.S. military prison at Guant√°namo Bay turns 10 today, and activists are marking the anniversary with protests and petitions,¬†reports and retrospectives. A decade after its founding, Guant√°namo remains a dark stain on the national soul. Even today,¬†while the worst instances of torture may have ceased under the Obama Administration, prisoners are […]

Former Detainee Describes Solitary Confinement at Guantanamo

On Truthout, Jason Leopold interviews David Hicks, an Australian national who spent six years at Guantanamo Bay before being¬†charged with “providing material support to terrorists” and convicted in a military tribunal. Now free and living in Australia, Hicks alleges that he faced torture that included beatings, shackling, forced sedation, and sleep deprivation, as well as¬†24-hour […]

Obama's Plan Is the "Wrong Way to Close Guantanamo," Groups Warn

Part of Obama’s plan for fulfilling¬†his campaign promise to close Guantanamo¬†calls for¬†moving a piece of the notorious detention camp, virtually intact,¬†onto mainland American soil.¬†In a¬†letter sent to members of Congress this week,¬†a¬†coalition including the ACLU,¬† Amnesty International USA, and the Center for Constitutional Rights¬†warned against¬†this¬†portion of¬†the White House¬†plan for¬†Gitmo detainees, which the groups believe “could […]

If You Build It, They Will Come: Obama Commits to Gitmo North

The federal government confirmed on Thursday that it¬†plans to buy Thomson Correction Center. Obama has long envisioned the state prison in rural Illinois as a new home for the¬†detainees from the so-called war on terror who are currently¬†housed at Guantanamo¬†Bay.¬†But it is quite possible that no Gitmo¬†residents will ever live there.¬† According to Lynn Sweet’s […]