"On the Row, You Never See the Stars": Oregon Prisoner Wants to Die to Escape Death Row

Oregon death row inmate Gary Haugen has been scheduled for execution on December 6th. He will be the first Oregon inmate to be put to death in over 14 years, provided the execution proceeds–which is likely, since¬†¬†Haugen has chosen¬†to waive all remaining appeals¬†of his death sentence.¬†He¬†has asked for an expedited execution date, insisting that “dying […]

The Torture of Troy Davis

If Troy Davis’s execution takes place, as scheduled, at 7 pm tonight, it will bring a devastating end to years of torture on death row. The cruel and unusual punishment of a possibly innocent man includes not only his death at the hands of the state, but the 20 years he spent in solitary confinement […]

Live from Death Row: 3,600 Americans Waiting Alone to Die

Most residents of the nation’s¬†death rows¬†live in long-term¬†solitary confinement, in what are effectively supermax units for the condemned. They are subject to all¬†of the¬†devastating psychological and physical¬†effects of prolonged isolation, with the added torment of knowing that someday they will more than likely be put to death at the hands of the state. According to […]

Dead Man Killing Himself

One of the many grotesque realities involved in¬†the administration of the death penalty is the fact that condemned¬†prisoners are not permitted to kill themselves; that privilege is reserved for the state. Lawrence Reynolds was scheduled to be executed by the state of Ohio at 10 a.m. today. But¬†at the appointed time, Lawrence was in¬†the hospital, […]

Georgia's Response to Death Row Suicides: Restrict Family Visits

Three convicted killers¬†on Georgia’s death row¬†died recently¬†in the span of three months–but none of them was executed. In October of 2009, Kim McMichen¬†died of pneumonia. In November, Timothy Pruitt¬†died from what was reported¬†to be¬†a botched suicide attempt. And on New Year’s Day 2010,¬†Leeland¬†Mark Braley was found hanged in his cell. Living for years or decades […]

A Louisiana Inmate's Death Wish

Barring a last-minute stay (which is highly unlikely), Gerald Bordelon will, on¬†Thursday night, become the first person executed in the state of Louisiana in almost eight years. Bordelon’s case is also remarkable because he has chosen not to appeal his death sentence. His right to make that choice that was upheld by the Louisiana Supreme […]