• The isolation of transgender women has been in the media since Netflix released its fifth season of Orange is the New Black, including with high-profile interviews on the issue by Laverne Cox and CeCe McDonald. To learn more about the experiences of transgender women in solitary confinement, read an August 2014 Solitary Watch investigation about trans women incarcerated in New York.

• At least one individual on hunger strike at Waupun Correctional Institution has said his court-ordered force-feeding amounts to cruel and unusual punishment. Cesar DeLeon also alleged that he was subject to retaliation during the force-feeding, which was captured on film but has not been released.

• After a spike in violence on the inside, New York City Corrections Commissioner Joseph Ponte has said he would like to delay the planned end to solitary confinement for young people aged 19 to 21. Ponte has said it may not be viable to house young people in the same facility, as was initially planned, due to the rise in violent incidents.

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