Day 39 of California Prison Hunger Strike: Governor Jerry Brown Remains Silent

by | August 15, 2013

Gabriel Huerta, 28 years in the SHU at Pelican Bay
Gabriel Huerta, 28 years in the SHU at Pelican Bay

Today marks the 39th day of California’s prison hunger strike, which began on July 8th. According to the medical receiver’s office, a total of 93 in the past week have required medical assistance. At least one was sent at a community hospital following complications from re-eating four days ago. Last night, a hunger strike participant was transported to a hospital, and has since resumed eating. He will reportedly remain hospitalized to be monitored as he begins eating again. On August 11th, three hunger strike participants were taken to hospitals as they began the process of re-eating.

According to the latest figures from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR), yesterday, 252 inmates in eight institutions were on hunger strike, of whom 125 have been on continuously since July 8. The figures provided by CDCR indicate that, over the past few days, significant fluctuations have been occurring. In the last three days, the number of facilities participating in the hunger strike grew from six to eight. CDCR refuses to disclose what facilities are experiencing hunger strike activity and has been adamant that the entire hunger strike is a “gang power play,” as CDCR chief and former psychologist Jeffrey Beard wrote in a Los Angeles Times Op-Ed. Disclosing the locations where the hunger strike is occurring, according to CDCR, would endanger those who are not currently on hunger strike.

On day 37, the figures were:

  • 284 people in eight facilities were on hunger strike
  • 133 hunger strikers  refused meals all 37 days.
  • An additional 154 were also participating in the hunger strike.

On day 35, the figures were:

  • 270 people in six prisons were on hunger strike
  • 152 hunger strikers  refused meals all 35 days.
  • An additional 128 were also participating in the hunger strike

Yesterday, hunger strike supporters rallied at the Capitol in Sacramento to urge legislators to take action. As part of their efforts, they set up a mock SHU cell. The event drew several speakers, including Assemblyman Tom Ammiano, who has convened two Assembly hearings on the SHU since 2011. Ammiano is quoted by the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity coalition as saying: “There has been some very bad press on this—demonizing us for being activists for human rights for prisoners.  We know that there are some people who have committed some very egregious crimes but that’s not the issue… looking at everyone as if they are a gang member and isolating them. We don’t support that.  We want appropriate steps to be taken.”

Governor Jerry Brown has remained silent on the issue of the hunger strike. This is despite the increasingly life-threatening situation that the hunger strikers are currently facing. One hunger strike participant, Billy Sell, is already known to have committed suicide after two weeks of hunger striking.

Irene Huerta, hunger strike mediator and wife of a hunger striker, condemned Governor Jerry Brown for his silence on the hunger strike, saying: “For Brown to say nothing at all, at such a critical moment, that is a slap in the face.  To say anything at all, even to speak against the strike, that’s one thing.  But to remain silent when people’s lives are on the line and their families are worried sick? There is nothing worse.”

Huerta’s husband, Gabriel, has been held in the SHU at Pelican Bay for 28 years. Gabriel had submitted testimony to the US Senate on his experience, writing: “It’s a sorry existence no matter how well you can endure it. I myself can, if I let myself, get lost in my own little world within the trunk of this car, reading my books and drinking my little pulque. I myself can, if I let myself, become “comfortably numb.”

Solitary Watch has also received updates on hunger strikers from the mothers of participants at Tehachapi and Pelican Bay who have visited or received letters from their sons, respectively.

A mother of a hunger strike participant at Tehachapi SHU reports that  her son resumed eating after 15 days. He “said that was the worst. Days without energy…dizzy, couldn’t function, blurry vision. I feel really ad for all the hunger strikers and their families.” She reports that her son “can now get a cup, bowl, shorts, and three shirts on special order.” Her son was given a 90 day extension on his SHU term.

A mother of a hunger strike participant at Pelican Bay’s Administrative Segregation unit reports that her son has lost at least 14 pounds. Her son, given a SHU term of 18 months for “a small piece of razor blade found in the trashcan in his cell” and thereby being charged “with a deadly weapon possession,” has since been issued a 115 rules violation report for his participation in the hunger strike. He will be assessed a 2-3 month extension on his SHU term. “When my son writes he purposely does not mention ‘hunger strike.’ I’ve sent him some news reports and talked about the rally’s that I’ve attended and some news updates but I don’t think he is getting them because he does not mention them in his letters,” she told Solitary Watch. This corroborates the claim by the mother of the Tehachapi participant, who also reported that “the prison is checking all mail to make sure no info on the hunger strike is getting out.”


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  • Hillary's Agenda

    Governor Jerry Brown,Who Needs The Death Penalty in California Anyway When Isolation Is Available ?

    California Prison Isolation Reality TV Show in The Work$ ?

    The State of California is now preparing to cash in on reality TV by possibly signing a multi million$ deal with CBS TV for a new 2014 Isolation Prison Torture Reality show featuring Arnold the CA Terminator & his attentive student California Governor Jerry Brown.

    CBS reports Dick Cheney has just Ordered California to Send Tortured Isolation Prisoners to Syria Prior future USA Missile Attack ..

    Arnold The California Terminator Mentors Governor Jerry Brown on State Prison Torture,Girly Men & Dick Cheney ..

    California lawmakers continue pleading with President Obama not to attack Syria until they send the States Isolated Tortured Prison inmates there 4 a little Rendition R&R ..

    Have to wonder what is going through California Governor Jerry Brown’s mind knowing CA voters elected him to represent his State in a fashion that brings Inter+National acclaim,not horrified cries from tortured prison inmates !

    We understand Jerry Brown the man does not condone CA prison torture,but everyone knows only Girly Men think isolation for years in California prisons amounts to torture.

    Should all American’s need to pray that California sends tortured isolated prison inmates to Syria’s Bashar Assad for rendition so they can live ?

    We remember well the innocent $3 million richer Canadian citizen who requested his rendition to Syria from Canada via Uncle Sam !

    We support Jerry Brown and hope he decides to now focus his keen mind on CA tortured prison residents plight being isolated in his States Penal System..

    ** When everything goes well in California,Governor Jerry Brown deserves and should receive the citizens praise & appreciation ! Likewise when California Prison injustices continue to bring the State of California Inter+National negative

  • Bob

    Thumb down accepted Rose, thanks for your opinion, but there is nothing hateful in stating the truth. Keep food in front of them and they will eventually eat, but there is
    no reason to treat them for illnesses they are bringing on themselves by throwing a tantrum.

    They are there by their own actions, if its uncomfortable, that’s good. Perhaps it will inspire them to change their ways and not come back.

    The point is, they have no right to expect any better treatment then what they are getting already, and if they get sick and/or die by their own actions, it’s on them, no one else.

    Perhaps I could have left off my insensitive “overcrowding” comment and you would have been happier, I don’t know, but I believe the “overcrowding” issue to be just as irrelevant as the hunger strike.

    I’ve seen the photos, there is plenty of room to stack bunks higher and closer. They aren’t overcrowded yet.

    Take care.

  • Rose

    If you could add a thumbs up or down,cause I really want to give
    that Bob,thumbs down! for his hateful ignorance,by choice!

  • Bob

    They are throwing a temper tantrum akin to a child holding his breath when he can’t get his way. Just keep putting food in front of them, when they get hungry enough, they will eat, or they will collapse and die from their own stupidity, which will help the “overcrowding” issue.

  • mary covarrubias

    thing please correct

  • mary covarrubias

    Mock play ! They must be lacking something! Is that what you want people to thing? No body would mock fasting! They are in prison so you staff member are in control! Get reporter there so we can know what they really fasting about! In Jesus Christ name don’t ignore them if there is a human need!

  • Maria Esquivel

    Gobernador Jerry Brown que espera para dar la cara usted tiene el poder de poner un alto a la tortura y aislamiento en solitario no queremos que nuestros seres queridos mueran

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