The following video, titled “Solitary Confinement: The Season of Sorrow,” was directed and produced by our gifted videographer and reporter Valeria Monfrini, who also shot the other original videos on Solitary Watch’s YouTube channel. Here is her brief description of the content:

This short documentary explores the experience of solitary confinement through the testimonies of former inmates held in prolonged isolation and their family members, from the city of Philadelphia.

LuQman Abdullah, 48, spent 5 years in solitary. Since his release, he has worked to turn his life around, working as a community activist and raising his two daughters. Lynell Wesley, 29, believes discovering art helped him to endure the 3 years he spent in isolation. Theresa Shoats, 49, is the daughter of Russell Shoats—a former Black Panther, who has already served more than 30 years in solitary confinement.


2 thoughts on “New Video: "Solitary Confinement: The Season of Sorrow"

  1. Solitary Confinement should only be used in extreme cases; where a prisoner is tempory out of control, but not suffering some mental illness that is treatable by other means, and Sol Con should only be for short periods, the use of Solitary Confinement for long term is nothing short of Torture as in the case of Thomas E Silverstein (Tommy) who spent 28 years in isolation, somebody / authority has ultimate responciblity for putting this man through that endless torment, which breaches his Human rights under the US Convention; “No cruel or unnusual punishment”

    Stay strong Tommy, your pal Barri J

  2. Torture pure and simple for all people of all races religion horrible sickening tragedy of human rights violation in American against it’s own people. Tom we are always here never leave you. You arent alone we suffer with you.~ namaste~ I salute the light within these human beings suffering.

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