Now available in our Resources section is a unique collection of U.S. court cases relevant to solitary confinement. This collection was compiled and annotated by Solitary Watch Research Associates Daniel H. Goldman and Ryan Brimmer. They are students at the Virginia Capital Case Clearinghouse, Washington & Lee University School of Law, which is our lead academic partner, working under the leadership of David Bruck.

The cases include:

> U.S. Supreme Court Cases

> Federal District / Circuit Court Cases

> State Supreme Court Cases

In the coming weeks we will be expanding and updating other parts of our Resources section to incorporate new materials provided by Washington & Lee, including law review articles, journal articles, and additions to our newspaper, magazine, and books pages.


4 thoughts on “New Resources on Solitary Confinement

  1. I didn’t see Thomas Edward Silverstein’s case in any of the lists?

    Also has the Supreme Court reviewed a relevant case since 2003?

  2. The two Westefer cases (7th Cir. and D.Ct. from last summer) are missing

  3. Thank you–we’ll see that these are added.

  4. These are court decisions, so currently pending cases–such as Silversteins–are not included. They’ll be added once they are decided.

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