Online Journalism / Social Media Internships at Solitary Watch

Solitary Watch offers interns an opportunity to gain reporting, research, and outreach skills while working on an important human rights issue. Individuals with a background or interest in journalism, law, and criminal justice,¬†including formerly incarcerated persons,¬†are especially encouraged to apply, as are those interested in utilizing the media and social networking to advance social justice. […]

Inside "Little Gitmo": Documents Detail Inmate Surveillance at Federal Prisons

Public Intelligence, a web-based project that describes itself as¬†“an international consortium of independent researchers who wish to aggregate and defend public information while maintaining its accessibility around the globe,” has published a series of documents relating to the Communications Management Units at two federal prison.¬†As we’ve written before, these “experimental” units, sometimes referred to as […]

Supermax Psych: "Behavior Modification" at Marion Federal Prison

Eddie Griffin, a former Civil Rights¬†Movement activist and Black Panther, spent 12 years¬†in federal prison for bank robbery, beginning in the early 1970s. After he was injured¬†doing prison labor at Terre Haute Federal Prison, and refused to return to work under unsafe conditions, he was labelled “incorrigible” and transferred to the U.S. Penitentiary in Marion, […]

Prison Whistleblower Condemned to Solitary Confinement

The ongoing story of Massachusetts inmate Timothy Muise¬†demonstrates in detail how freedom of expression ends at the prison gate. When Muise¬†has sought to expose what he alleges is a sex-for-snitching¬†ring run by guards at MCI Norfolk, a state prison south of Boston, he was charged with ‚Äúinciting a group demonstration,‚ÄĚ along with various other rule […]

Ohio Prisoners Go on Hunger Strike for Transfer from Solitary to Death Row

Four prisoners have at the supermax Ohio State Penitentiary in Youngstown have gone on a hunger strike to protest their solitary confinement. Their only demand:¬†that they be moved to¬†the state’s Death Row. The prisoners‚ÄĒBomani Shakur, Siddique¬†Abdullah Hasan, Jason Robb and Namir¬†Abdul Mateen‚ÄĒwere sentenced to death for their involvement in the 1993 prison uprising in Lucasville, […]

On Bradley Manning, Solitary Confinement, and Selective Outrage

For the past few weeks,¬†progressive online¬†media sources have been¬†burning with outrage¬†over the conditions¬†in which accused Wikileaker Bradley Manning is being held. Manning (as we first noted on Solitary Watch back in July) is in 23-hour-a-day solitary confinement at a Marine brig in Quantico, Virginia, denied sunlight, exercise, possessions, and all but the most limited contact […]