Solitary Watch offers interns an opportunity to gain reporting, research, and outreach skills while working on an important human rights issue. Individuals with a background or interest in journalism, law, and criminal justice, including formerly incarcerated persons, are especially encouraged to apply, as are those interested in utilizing the media and social networking to advance social justice.

We are currently seeking interns to work a flexible part-time schedule during the spring semester and/or summer of 2011. Visit this page for a complete description:

2 thoughts on “Online Journalism / Social Media Internships at Solitary Watch

  1. cool souds like i love that job dout i get it with out ged lol but god that be so dam funny if did i could see mom faces lol you got a job based on reach of solitary confinement lol i be like hell ya i did hows that for over your head lol i can dream lol may thare be light in the darknes of justice

  2. I am Hecor A. Vi8llegas and I am a SURVIVOR of this ATROCITY and I would like to be of service to this True and Righteous work being done by this organization for Those Men and Women still there within these modern-day Dungeons…Reform will come …yet I and my wife Veronica Talavera stand in union with this cause and would provide my testimony or others still in there from over here in the West Texas, El Paso area. I have already mailed a drawing of how my cell looked as well as a wrtitten excerpt of the self-writings that kept me SANE inside. My wife and I desire to be of service to your cause . God Bless Your work and Efforts!! **END SOLITARY CONFINEMENT NOW**

    Hector A. Villegas

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