Solitary Watch’s James Ridgeway was interviewed yesterday on WBUR radio’s “Here and Now” program on the release of Jamie and Gladys Scott. You can listen to the interview here:

Our original story on the Scott sisters–one of the first to appear–can be found here: Our thoughts on the reasons why Haley Barbour might consider pardoning the sisters appears in this follow-up story:

The release is controversial because of the provision that Gladys donate a kidney to her sister Jamie as a condition of release. None of this, however, has dampened the joy of their mother, Evelyn Rasco, whose posts can be found on this Facebook page:


2 thoughts on “James Ridgeway Interviewed on Release of Scott Sisters

  1. I hope that there is a inquiry into each state as to those transplant teams who might be denying offenders/exoffenders and the poor from having transplants because of the cost.

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