Film Documents the Angola 3’s 100+ Years of Solitude

by | June 15, 2010

Herman Wallace and Albert Woodfox in the early 1970s. Photo from "In the Land of the Free..."

In the Land of the Free…a documentary about the Angola 3, makes its American premiere at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival in New York tomorrow night. The film tells the story of three men who have collectively spent more than a century in solitary confinement at the Louisiana State Penitentiary. Robert King, who was released after 29 years in solitary, will be at the premiere, along with the director, Jean Vadim. Herman Wallace and Albert Woodfox remain in solitary, where each has been for 37 years. Tickets are still available for tomorrow night’s showing and a second one on Thursday, at Lincoln Center’s Walter Reade Theater; go to to buy tickets online. 

We have written extensively about the Angola 3 for both Solitary Watch and Mother Jones–you can read some of our articles here, here, and here. This is a pivotal time in the case, with a decision expected soon on Albert Woodfox’s appeal, and a trial likely coming later this year in the Angola 3’s civil case, which challenges their solitary confinement on constitutional grounds.

In the Land of the Free… premiered in London in March. This article from The Guardian provides some backstory on the film as well as the case. And here’s a trailer for the film. 




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  • Joshlyn

    you know why it called loveesay annna cos the stae is a lover in my book why am i so harsh with words you wonder i speek my mind for i have felt the pain of solitary and i will not willing sit doun and let others do this to what was ones a nashion of gratenes everone ascks how can you care for a killer or a sick ass crime becos gods loves you still no mater what you do he said we should to love like him so i do i not nuts but i still see men not just inmates but liveing brothers that is why and how sher are pets need someone to love and save then to but so do inmates where is thare help anyone will stand for a beeten dog but what bout a inmate thety still feel to let them be in the arms of the angel as well nexst tme you see that thing with that song and the pets in needs try to see men instead of pets and tell me io not right and i not shuting up till the govement stops solitarty lol

  • Joshlyn

    let me say this for the state thats doing this to he men still in you are the shit that stanes the usa you are the crap thats got to get flushed you are what makes me sick to look at the flag and say i onr of the usa you are tarerists like those who did 91 you are the bane of justice you are wores then those you incarsrate you are why i live to fight your sick tairoristic mids may god have mercy cos i have none lerft for you i look at your state and thingk ill of you like your name states ill anois make me sick and bug me you do i do not care if you shot my mom i would never dam someone to solitary for life like that death wile i not for it is more humane i cant wate for the white thone jument cos i love to hear what gods got to say to you after what you put those men thow i mean grow up will you stop tingken with your dick and use your brain i saying as for your tuff on crime stuff leave your balls at home and stop playing thare lifes like this i do not care how meny pirsons you make how hight tek they are its who runs them best and runs then to do good for the inmates that gets my prase in prison they say child rapest are the scumm of it all well gess what anyone who would send a nuther to life in solitary in my books mite as well have ben a child rapest cos your scumm to me i mean so low that usama i respet more them you at least he kills them still rong he is vary but at least he gets it over with what you do tochers famlys more to see thare love ones suffer and then die like that you know what shows how grate and strong this us is its the inmates the vets the advikits the kids who still after all you do to them stand up and speekl tare minds with no fear or shame to all who suffer under or that have like i suffered from solitarys effts i stnad by yo you you are the rightnes in the usa

  • tina

    Thank you for this film. It looks like it could make a difference in our humanity and change the way we punish the incarcerated. I certainly pray for that. I hope to see it when it comes to my area.

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