Solitary Watch Watches National Geographic's Experiment in Solitary Confinement

As we wrote earlier, it’s hard to say whether the National Geographic Channel’s treatment of¬†solitary confinement will do more harm than good. In addition to an upcoming episode of “Explorer” on the subject, the NG Channel¬†is hosting an¬†“experiment”¬†that promises to provide a “live window into the solitary experience“:¬†Three subjects spend a week in faux¬†lockdown cells […]

Solitary Confinement: Coming Live to a Computer Near You

In what its hosts promise will be a “Live Window Into the Solitary Confinement Experience,”¬†three “everyman volunteers” will¬†place themselves in model solitary confinement cells, where the public can watch them on live streaming video. This¬†“experience,” which begins today at 8 a.m.,¬†is taking place in conjunction with the upcoming broadcast of “Explorer: Solitary Confinement,” an episode […]

Become a Solitary Watcher

Now that Solitary Watch has gone public on search engines, listservs, and the like, we invite the community of readers to¬†help us with this¬†collaborative (and thusfar, all-volunteer) endeavor. Here is what you can do to¬†participate in this effort to bring the¬†issue of¬†solitary confinement in the United States out of the shadows and into the public […]