Voices from Solitary: Reprieve

UPDATE, FEBRUARY 22: Thomas Whitaker will serve life in prison without parole rather than facing the death penalty for the 2003 murder-for-hire of his mother and brother,¬†in a rare commutation by¬†Texas Governor Greg Abbott. The decision¬†was communicated to Whitaker, his attorneys, and his father‚ÄĒthe sole survivor of the 2003 attack, who had forgiven his son […]

Voices from Solitary: Life on Level 3, Texas Death Row

In many prisons, there are different “levels” of solitary confinement,¬†with differences in their living conditions, degree of isolation, and the¬†handful of¬†“privileges”–visits, phone calls, personal hygenine products and reading materials, and in some cases even blankets–afforded to prisoners there. At Lousiana’s Angola prison, for example, there are three levels of solitary confinement: The¬†long-term solitary¬†isolation unit¬†is called […]