Death Row Inmates Sue the FDA Over Execution Drugs

‚ÄúIn keeping with established practice,¬†FDA¬†does not review or approve products for the purpose of lethal injection.¬†FDA¬†has not reviewed the products in this shipment to determine their identity, safety, effectiveness, purity, or any other characteristics.‚ÄĚ This is the statement now imprinted on¬†shipments of lethal injection drugs that are¬†brought into the country from foreign sources. Now, a […]

The Machinery of Death: Some Death Row Prisoners Can Still Opt for Firing Squad (or Electric Chair, Gas Chamber, or Noose)

The state of Utah is going to allow death row inmate Ronnie Lee Gardner to choose how he dies–as long as he chooses either lethal injection or a firing squad.¬†Gardner is one of a shrinking groups of¬†condemned prisoners, in¬†more than a dozen states,¬†who are still permitted¬†to make a final, macabre choice between lethal injection and […]

Dead Man Killing Himself

One of the many grotesque realities involved in¬†the administration of the death penalty is the fact that condemned¬†prisoners are not permitted to kill themselves; that privilege is reserved for the state. Lawrence Reynolds was scheduled to be executed by the state of Ohio at 10 a.m. today. But¬†at the appointed time, Lawrence was in¬†the hospital, […]

Louisiana Sues Its Own Death Row Prisoners

The Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections¬†last Friday sued every¬†inmate on death row, in an effort to block any one of them from challenging the state‚Äôs lethal injection procedures. Each of the 84¬†prisoners in the ‚Äúdeath house‚ÄĚ at Angola State Penitentiary was personally served papers in the suit, said Nick Trenticosta, who has represented […]