New Ban on Solitary Confinement for Child Prisoners in Mississippi

The United States, alone among industrialized nations, incarcerates thousands of juveniles in adult prisons, after trying and sentencing them as adults. We also lead the world in the practice of solitary confinement. These two facts have come together¬†to create a horrifying reality:¬†hundreds¬†of children¬†languishing in¬†isolation cells. This week, the American Civil Liberties Union and Southern Poverty […]

Alaska Teen Spends 17-Months in Pre-Trial Solitary Confinement

CHILDREN IN LOCKDOWN A story by Scott Christiansen that¬†appeared¬†in June¬†in the Anchorage Press is significant not only because it describes the case of a 16-year-old who spent 500 days in pre-trial solitary confinement. It’s significant because this case, according to the paper,¬†“has a chance to reform the way Alaska treats young offenders who‚Äôve been waived […]

Kids Languish in Solitary While Awaiting Trial in Colorado

An article by Joseph Boven in the Colorado Independent exposes the plight of juveniles who have been charged as adults, and often spend months in solitary confinement as they await their trials. As we’ve written before,¬†kids in adult prisons are highly likely to end up in solitary, either because they¬†are considered disciplinary¬†problems or¬†because they have […]

Children in Lockdown: Solitary Confinement of Teens in Adult Prisons

While there¬†are no concrete numbers, it’s safe to say that hundreds, if not thousands of children are¬†in solitary confinement in¬†the United States–some in¬†juvenile detention facilities, and some in adult prisons. Short bouts of solitary confinement are even¬†viewed as a legitimate form of punishment in some American schools.¬†¬†In this first post on the subject, we address¬†teenagers¬†in […]