Cash-Strapped California to Spend $500 Million for New "Condemned Inmate Complex" (Death Row)

With what the Sacramento Bee called a¬†“twisted sense of timing,” California¬†Governor¬†Arnold Schwarzenegger announced in mid-August¬†that¬†he plans to borrow $64.7 million from the state’s general fund to move forward with construction of a new death row at San Quentin State Prison. According to¬†a Bee editorial, “the administration’s call for bids to build new digs for condemned […]

Abuse and Cover-Up in California Prisons' "Behavior Management Units"

The American prison system is rife with euphemistic acronyms¬†for the places where¬†inmates are held in¬†solitary confinement:¬†Our prisons contain SHUs, SMUs,¬†ASUs, CCRs, and most recently CMUs.*¬†Now, a powerful two-part expose by Charles Pillar in the Sacramento Bee shows what goes on inside the BMUs–the “Behavior Modification¬†Units”–in several California prisons. These units¬†are supposed to combine¬†SHU-style¬†isolation and deprivation […]