Solitary Watch frequently receives notes from prisoners, many of them in solitary. From time to time, we want to share excerpts some of these with our readers.  Names of prisoners and prisons have been removed to protect the writers of these letters.

I have been in lockup for a year and a half and I have another two years to do before I will be able to get back in the general population. I exercise and try to occupy my time but being in a cell is hard with only what is in your head.  –South Carolina

I am in a one man cell on the second of three tiers. There are 6 tiers, about 180 people in this cell block. I am fed in my cell. The only time I leave my cell is to shower 3 times a week and get some outside time three times a week in a wire cage the size of a dog kennel…There are no windows in the O wing cells and this is administrative segregation (the hole). People housed here are considered or classified a danger to the security of the facility and each other.  California

I’ve been in solitary confinement since October 2008 after prison guards conducted a sweep of all Hispanics which the department classified as “Northeners’’(Hispanics xanax generic or brand from San Francisco, San Jose, Sacramento, etc.) As a resut of this sweep me along with about 50 other Hispanics were put in solitary confinement under the pretext that we were being put under investigation of being prison gang members and associates.  This was the second sweep of Hispanics in which I had been taken to ad segregation for “investigation.” The first time I was allowed back into the general population. This second time around, however, I was validated as a prison gang associate.  Based on a fabricated confidential “staff report’’—prison staff purported to have seen me included with gang activity… I couldn’t cross examine the evidence because it was confidential.  I knew that the alleged incident was fabricated as it never occurred.  Similarly prison staff also used confidential  information provided by confidential informants who were seeking lenient treatment from their own misconduct.  –California

I am a 75 year old  indigent lifer in 23 hour a day solitary cell suffering extreme debilitating depression causing me to sleep 16-20 hours a day and suffering physical abuses as well as psychological abuses–beaten, kicked, kneed, choked, body strapped to the floor, starved up to 8 straight days, taunted and accused of the physical impossibility of the rape of a cat.  –Florida


3 thoughts on “Voices from Solitary: Letters from the Hole

  1. that last one just breaks my heart.. I wonder if he even has family or a support system. The one before it is exactly what my man is going through ..allegations and no opportunity to state his case or give evidence to support his right to be out of the SHU.

  2. Oscar Wilde was released from jail on May of 1897 was sentenced to two years’ hard labor in solitary confinement. Wilde argued that what were then considered “modern modes of punishment”.
    The New World in the 21 Century: What a progress, a nation eager to bring freedom and democracy to other countries by war. Be happy when they don’t recognize your deficiencies, wrongdoing.

  3. god bless you poor soul you are with in the darknes of justice the hell that is the plane of justice but i tell you i was not in prison but i know what solitary can do to you your not alone in this suffering you need to get hold of grassians info on shu sindrum it wil help you a lot and the solitary serval guid thow mine was but suclueshion in a school i can and still feel the effects of it do not let this beet you doun take control of you life by making a scewall for yourself keep in shape right letters ass offtin as you can fighting the minyons of hell was never siad to be easy but you are standing you can still fight may god grant you freedum from such pain no man should have to go thow it right to you famly tell them to send all your info to stuart E grassian let him know what going on you still have that power anyone you know get your words out to those who fight for you tell them to seek out help do not lie doun and give in or you will never be what you can be use your time every day wisely help others by fighting this hell they make you suffer may thare me light in the darknes of justice

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