Seven Days in Solitary [7/30/2017]

• A Maine Superior Court judge has ruled that a prisoner’s length of stay in solitary confinement amounted to “an atypical and significant hardship.” Douglass Burr spent almost two years in isolation at the Special Management Unit at Maine Street Prison for allegedly presenting a security risk. In Maine, the longest someone can be held in […]

Seven Days in Solitary [2/19/2017]

•  “Between 2012 and 2015, nine inmates in the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester took their own lives, giving Oklahoma’s only state-owned maximum security prison the highest suicide rate among corrections facilities,” according to an article published by Oklahoma Watch. All were in a type of isolated confinement when they died. •  “A North Carolina […]

All-American Prison Torture

After reading our post on Cañon City, Colorado, a reader called our attention to a piece on the Huffington Post by Anne-Marie Cusac called “Torture Is American.” As an investigative reporter for The Progressive, Cusac wrote about devices of torture in U.S. prisons, including Tasers, restraint chairs, and stun belts, as well as solitary confinement; she has […]