California Department of Corrections Threatens Prison Hunger Strikers, Bans Lawyers

In response to a renewed inmate hunger strike to protest conditions in the California prison system,Ā the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation has taken a hard line, threatening participants with disciplinary action and banning two lawyers who represent the strikers.Ā According to theĀ Contra Costa Times: Prison officials are investigating the two lawyers for “alleged misconduct,”Ā said Terry […]

Update: Pelican Bay Prisoners Reject State Proposal, Continue Hunger Strike

The Pelican Bay Hunger Strike Solidarity coalition yesterday provided the following information, based on reports from the mediation team chosen by the prisoners: This afternoon leaders of the Pelican Bay hunger strike unanimously rejected a proposal from the CDCR to end the strike. In response to the prisonersā€™ five, straightforward demands, the CDCR distributed a […]

Hunger Strike in the Supermax: Pelican Bay Prisoners Protest Conditions in Solitary Confinement

As Americans prepare to celebrate Independence Day, inmates in solitary confinementĀ at California’s Pelican Bay State Prison are standing up forĀ their rights in the only way they can–by going on a hunger strike. The prisoners, who are being held in long-termĀ and oftenĀ permanent isolation,Ā have sworn to refuse food until conditions are improvedĀ in Pelican Bay’s Security Housing Unit […]