Voices from Solitary: Letter from a Pelican Bay Hunger Striker

The following letter was written by John R. Martinez, one of the inmates in the Security Housing Unit at California’s Pelican Bay State Prison who began a hunger strike on July 1 to protest conditions in solitary confinement. Written just before the strike commenced, the letter is  addressed to Governor Jerry Brown, Secretary of Corrections and Rehabilitation Matthew Cate, […]

Case Closed on Supermax Abuses at Pelican Bay

In relation to solitary confinement, one of the most important recent court rulings came in 1995’s Madrid v. Gomez. The decision was the result of a massive class-action suit, brought two years earlier in Federal District Court in California by the nonprofit Prison Law Office on behalf of more than 3,500 prisoners at Pelican Bay supermax. Prison Law Office Director […]