Maine Legislature Votes to Study Solitary Confinement Practices--But Not to Change Them

Everyone concerned with solitary confinement has been closely watching a landmark effort in the Maine state legislature to pass a bill that would have significantly limited the practice in state prisons. On Monday that effort culminated in what some advocates¬†have called a “gutted” version of the bill–and others see as a meaningful first step toward […]

Maine's Solitary Confinement Bill: Another Test of Our Tolerance for Torture

For those of us who believe that long-term solitary confinement is cruel and unusual punishment and often qualifies as torture,¬†what happens in the Maine State Legislature in the coming weeks¬†matters just about as much as what happens in the U.S. Justice Department concerning the¬†torture¬†that took place the Bush Administration. So while everyone¬†seems to be¬†talking about¬†the […]