Colorado Lawmakers Present Weakened Version of Solitary Confinement Bill

In Colorado, one of the nation’s solitary confinement capitals, state legislators recently brought hope to prisoners and their families and advocates by introducing a bill mean to limit the use of solitary. Now, that bill has been revised in committee, in favor of what the┬áAssociated Press bluntly described as “watered-down measures”: Colorado lawmakers have backed […]

Fortresses of Solitude (Part 2)

Ca├▒on City, Colorado, is the Solitary Confinement Capital of the Western World. Now, a Small Group Lawyers, Legislators, and Activists Is Challenging This All-American Form of Torture. Part 2: Showdown at the Colorado State Penitentiary Time passes slowly for the 750 prisoners at the Colorado State Penitentiary (CSP) on the outskirts of Ca├▒on City. For […]

Bill to Limit Solitary Confinement Introduced in Colorado Legislature

A┬ábill just introduced in the┬áColorado state legislature would place curbs on the use of solitary confinement in state prisons, especially on prisoners with mental illness. As we’ve written before, Colorado makes liberal use of solitary confinement.┬áThe practice has spurred public┬ádebate over the opening of an second┬ácostly supermax prison in the midst of a budget crisis, […]