Illinois Prisoner Says Years of Solitary Confinement Caused Mental Illness, Self-Mutilation

“Dear America” wrote Anthony Gay, who is being held in solitary confinement in Tamms supermax prison in Illinois, “It is like this placeĀ  is designed toĀ  psychologically kill you. How could America be so cruel to its own people?…Ā Is there a need to psychologically kill prisoners?” In Gay’s case, his lawyers claim, a seven-year term […]

Rising Criticism of Tamms Illinois Supermax

Some of the best reporting on solitary confinement last year came from Beth Hundsdorfer and George Pawlaczyk at the Belleville News-Democrat, a regional paperĀ in southwestern Illinois. Their multi-partĀ series on the state’s twelve-year-old supermax prison,Ā “Trapped in Tamms,”Ā appeared in the paper inĀ August. Their expose was particularly damningĀ on the treatment of mentally ill inmates at Tamms. In a […]