Rhodes_070045_F3When we publish Voices from Solitary, readers often ask how they can get in touch with the authors. Many people held in solitary confinement welcome correspondence from people on the outside. Readers interested in reaching out to people in isolation can visit our new page, Letters to Solitary, to find mailing addresses for some of the writers and artists featured on Solitary Watch.

If you choose to write to these–or any–individuals in solitary, we recommend being clear in your first letter about how often you will be able to correspond and what you can and cannot offer (for example, legal assistance). Also send your first letter on plain paper without enclosures or labels and inquire as to the prison’s policies on what incarcerated individuals may and may not receive (photographs, stamps, printed materials, etc.) Be aware that all correspondence may be read by prison staff. Writers must make their own decisions about what personal information to include in their letters.

Our initial list is brief, but will grow with time. A permanent link to the Letters to Solitary page can be found on our Events/Actions page.

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