Massachusetts Prisoner Who Exposed Sex-for-Snitching Ring Sent to Solitary

The¬†inmate at Massachusetts‚Äô Norfolk Prison who blew the whistle on a sex-for-information ring operated by guards (as reported here last week)¬†has been placed in the hole. Timothy Muise, an activist with the Lifers Group inside the prison, said in¬†a letter that he had been visited by Assistant Deputy Commissioner Paul DiPaolo, the state official in […]

"Fatal Flaws" in the Colorado Solitary Confinement Study

Guest Post by Stuart Grassian, M.D. Editors’ Note: The Colorado Department of Corrections recently released the controversial¬†results of a year-long, federally funded study conducted at the Colorado State Penitentiary, a supermax prison in Ca√Īon City where more than 700 men are held in solitary confinement.¬†Entitled “One Year Longitudinal Study¬†of the Psychological Effects of Administrative Segregation,” […]

Controversial Colorado Study Shows Prisoners "Improve" in Solitary Confinement

When we visited Colorado recently, prisoner advocates were awaiting the¬†results of a year-long, federally funded¬†study on how solitary confinement affects mental health. The study was conducted in the Colorado State Penitentiary, a supermax prison where all 700+ inmates live in¬†long-term isolation.¬†CSP, which is located outside¬†prison-laden Ca√Īon City, was the¬†subject of a recent National Geographic documentary […]

Sex-for-Snitching Ring Reported at Massachusetts Prison

A prisoner at the Massachusetts Correctional Institute at¬†Norfolk has written to Solitary Watch to report¬†the existence of a “sex for information‚Äô‚Äô ring run by¬†guards within the prison. He says the existence of this hitherto unknown operation is¬†responsible for the state‚Äôs high number of prison suicides. The inmate suicide rate in Massachusetts is¬†four times the national […]

Solitary Watch to Be Featured at Torture Awareness Campaign

Solitary Watch is a participating organization in Amnesty International’s Torture Awareness Campaign,¬†sponsored by John Jay College of Criminal Justice,¬†City University of New York.¬†The campaign has¬†been putting on a month-long series of programs–you can click on the link provided here to get the full listing.¬† James Ridgeway will be part of a panel this Thursday on […]