This has been a significant week at Solitary Watch, for two reasons. On Monday, nine months after our first post, we reached 100,000 hits. More importantly, this week we introduce our new Project Advisors, a distinguished group of lawyers, scholars, and advocates who have honored us by agreeing to provide advice and guidance as we move into our second year.

Solitary Watch Project Advisors

Lois Ahrens, Director, The Real Cost of Prisons Project

Stephen B. Bright, President and Senior Counsel, Southern Center for Human Rights

David Bruck, Professor and Director, Virginia Captial Case Clearinghouse, Washington and Lee University School of Law

Marina Drummer, Administrator, Community Futures Collective

David C. Fathi, Director, ACLU National Prison Project

Bonnie Kerness, Coordinator, Prison Watch Project and STOPMAX Campaign, American Friends Service Committee

Robert King, activist and author; survivor of 29 years in solitary confinement at the Louisiana State Pententiary, Angola

Terry Kupers, MD, MSP, Institute Professor, The Wright Institute Graduate School of Psychology; clinical psychiatrist and expert in forensic mental health

Rev. Stan Moody, Pastor, Meeting House Church (Manchester, ME); former chaplain, Maine State Prison

Michael B. Mushlin, Professor, Pace University School of Law

Wilbert Rideau, journalist and author; former prisoner and Angolite editor at the Louisiana State Pententiary, Angola  

Laura Rovner, Associate Professor and Director, Civil Rights Clinic, University of Denver Sturm College of Law

Charles Sullivan, Executive Director, CURE

Affiliations are provided for identification purposes only.

5 thoughts on “Solitary Watch Milestones

  1. Great going!! Continued support …..heres to many more milestones…..

  2. A very impressive group!

    And a good sign for all the present and future inmates.


  3. well done on geting terry k to help you all try to get grassian as well you do that you have a realy hiting rate as for power plays that and hell you know you got my help for any infoe you need as well as the names you listed if you ever need me you got me as well after all it the nashinal leading expert grassian is on my side and he is then i sher i got some skills you may one day want use of i allways hear for you all may thare be light in the darknes of justice

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