Video: Newscasts and Discussions

Briefing on Solitary Confinement, February 25, 2014 (National Religious Campaign Against Torture)


Is Solitary Confinement a Form of Torture? Q&A with Journalist James Ridgeway (ReasonTV)


Inside Story Americas : The ethics of solitary confinement (Al Jazeera English)


Criminal justice system’s ‘dark secret’: Teenagers in solitary confinement (NBC, Rock Center with Brian Williams, Ted Koppel Segment)


Solitary in detention – The use of isolation on immigrant detainees (Investigative Reporting Workshop)


Freed Texas Death Row Prisoner Anthony Graves on Surviving Torture of Solitary Confinement (Democracy Now!)


Torture in American prisons (Alquds Institute)


Torture in U.S. Prisons? Historic Senate Hearing Takes Up Human Toll of Solitary Confinement (Democracy Now!)


Solitary confinement and New York’s dramatic rise in prison suicides (YNN)


Sister Esther Heffernan: Solitary Confinement (Produced by Timothy W. Coursen and Kate Edwards for the Prison Ministry Project)



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