Film, Video, and Audio

Radio and Podcasts

Clair Schoen (2009). “Survivors of Solitary Confinement.” National Radio Project, June 3:

 Laura Sullivan (2008). “36 Years of Solitary” (series on Angola 3 case), October 27-29:

Laura Sullivan (2006). “Life in Solitary Confinement” (series of broadcasts and articles). National Public Radio, July 26-28:

Dean Browne (2006). “Live from the Hole” (series of broadcasts from Maine State Prison supermax unit). WRFR Community Radio, January-October:

Deborah Davies/Channel 4 (UK)(2005). “Torture Inc.: America’s Brutal Prisons.” March 28:

John Biewen and Stephen Smith (2000). “Jailing the Mentally Ill.” July:

David Isay with Wilbert Rideau and Ron Wilkberg (1999). “Tossing Away the Keys.” Sound Portraits, April 29:


Film and Video

Josh Rushing/Al Jazeera English (2010). “The Forgotten U.S. Patients.” Fault Lines, August 29:

Vadim Jean, Director (2010). In the Land of the Free:

Berkeley News 21 (2010). Behind Bars: The California Convict Cycle (online series):

National Geographic Channel (2010). “Solitary Confinement.” National Geographic Explorer, April:

Scott Pelley/CBS News (2009). “Supermax: A Clean Version of Hell.” 60 Minutes, June 21:;contentBody.

Reel Soldier Productions (2008). “Unlock the Box: Documenting the Struggle to Shut Down Prison Control Units”:

Ofra Bikel, Producer/Director (2007). When Kids Get Life. Frontline:

Susanne Mason, Producer/Director (2007), Writ Writer. Passage Productions/ITVS:

Miri Navasky and Karen O’Connor, Producers/Directors (2005). The New Asylums. Frontline:

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