Voices from Solitary: Picturing Solitary Confinement

On his¬†always superb¬†blog Prison Photography, Pete Brooks¬†last week featured a post called “Where Are All The Photographs Of Solitary Confinement?” As solitary confinement increasingly finds its way into the news, he writes, “journalists from across America have contacted me looking for photographs of solitary confinement to accompany their article.” With a few exceptions, Brooks writes, […]

New Film Explores "the Injustice of Solitary Confinement and the Transformative Power of Art"

Premiering today at the Full Frame Documentary Festival in North Carolina is Herman’s House, a film¬†“that follows the unlikely friendship between a New York artist and one of America‚Äôs most famous inmates as they collaborate on an acclaimed art project.” The inmate is Herman Wallace, one of the Angola 3, who on Tuesday will mark […]

Southern Injustice: 37 Years in Solitary

Over the past year, I’ve been writing about the Angola 3 in a series of stories for Mother Jones. Earlier stories have highlighted the¬†men’s¬†federal lawsuit, which claims¬†violations of their¬†constitutional rights, and on Albert Woodfox’s criminal appeal.¬†The latest story, by Jean Casella and myself,¬†focuses on Herman Wallace, and was published¬†last week. For the better part of […]