"Fatal Flaws" in the Colorado Solitary Confinement Study

Guest Post by Stuart Grassian, M.D. Editors’ Note: The Colorado Department of Corrections recently released the controversial¬†results of a year-long, federally funded study conducted at the Colorado State Penitentiary, a supermax prison in Ca√Īon City where more than 700 men are held in solitary confinement.¬†Entitled “One Year Longitudinal Study¬†of the Psychological Effects of Administrative Segregation,” […]

Colorado State Penitentiary II Opens With 300 New Solitary Confinement Cells

Colorado already has hundreds of “administrative segregation” cells, and¬†Colorado State Penitentiary’s ad seg unit¬†is becoming notorious since National Geographic fimed a show on solitary confinement there. The state is also broke, making deep cuts to education and other public services. Nevertheless, following a protracted budget battle, Colorado came up with¬†more than¬†$10 million to open one¬†tower […]

Cash-Strapped Colorado Comes Up With Funds for New Supermax

Colorado’s¬†$18.2 billion budget, which state lawmakers passed¬†this week¬†after contentious debate, makes substantial cuts to public education, colleges and universities, and tax breaks for small businesses and senior citizens. In the face of shrunken revenues (and¬†dwindling federal stimulus funds), Colorado even reduced its overall corrections budget. But in the midst of all these deep cuts to […]

Solitary Confinement: Coming Live to a Computer Near You

In what its hosts promise will be a “Live Window Into the Solitary Confinement Experience,”¬†three “everyman volunteers” will¬†place themselves in model solitary confinement cells, where the public can watch them on live streaming video. This¬†“experience,” which begins today at 8 a.m.,¬†is taking place in conjunction with the upcoming broadcast of “Explorer: Solitary Confinement,” an episode […]

Children in Lockdown: Solitary Confinement of Teens in Adult Prisons

While there¬†are no concrete numbers, it’s safe to say that hundreds, if not thousands of children are¬†in solitary confinement in¬†the United States–some in¬†juvenile detention facilities, and some in adult prisons. Short bouts of solitary confinement are even¬†viewed as a legitimate form of punishment in some American schools.¬†¬†In this first post on the subject, we address¬†teenagers¬†in […]