3 thoughts on “PBSP - Robert Luca sitting in the doorway of his SHU cell

  1. That is his drawing table. I took it apart several times. This guy would draw all day. Transitioned from Gangster crap, to animals, then whimsical kids with animals etc, to religious themes. Drew some of the best Passion depictions I ever saw. He drew one very impressive piece I thought represented his plight well. The floor was falling away in the front half of his housing “pod” with demonics reaching for and trying to drag the inmates down, while above, a sword wielding Angel reached down to save them. I never forgot where I was or what my job was, but I would be a hypocrite to all I believed, if I did not believe redemption was possible even for those that I thought escaped justice by being imprisoned rather than executed.

  2. Thank you for this comment. You write very powerfully about your observations while working the SHU. If you would ever like to write something for our Voices from Solitary series (because COs do time in solitary, too), please get in touch with us at info AT solitarywatch.com. It can be published anonymously, of course.

  3. This is who I am today.
    Roberto Luca is on the Leadership Team at Mass Liberation, a
    Community Based Organization (CBO), and previously worked as the
    Pre-Apprenticeship Life Coach for the Anti-Recidivism Coalition (ARC),
    Second Chance Construction program. Also, he was a part of
    establishing the Amity Foundation, Beacon Campus, and California’s
    first transitional housing program for those sentenced to life. Within
    these roles, Luca has assisted newly released individuals in obtaining
    necessary job skills and developing a career path that can provide a
    sufficient wage to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, he has participated in the Leadership
    Opportunity Institute, Corrections to College program, and advocating for higher-education and re-
    entry resources for those impacted by incarceration. As a student leader at Rio Hondo College, he
    was part of Rise Scholars, which seeks to provide those affected by incarceration with access and
    support on their path to graduation and university. Luca is passionate about finding ways to impact
    the youth and future generations by changing the existing disparities in communities. As a formerly
    incarcerated individual, he knows first-hand the challenges and stigma faced to rebuild their life.
    Luca’s leadership qualities, self-perseverance, and clarity of consciousness helped him overcome the
    criminal justice system. He hopes to inspire others to believe that they can also overcome their

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