PUERTO RICAN FLAG—Adolfo, Photo by Thais Llorca

SJU12 – NAGUABO (PUERTO RICO), 28/09/05.- Simpatizantes del lÌder independentista Filiberto Ojeda RÌos, que falleciÛ en un enfrentamiento con el FBI el pasado viernes, cuelgan una bandera gigante de Puerto Rico durante el entierro de Ojeda en el cementerio de Naguabo (Puerto Rico). EFE/Thais Llorca

Artist Beatriz Santiago Muñoz helped fill the request for a Puerto Rican flag by asking photographer Thais Llorca for a photo of the burial of Filiberto Ojeda, whom she calls “a nationalist hero to some, anti-hero to others.” Santiago Muñoz wrote to the Tamms prisoner, Adolfo, “When I read your request, I immediately thought of the gigantic flag that is unfurled during protests and marches here…. The Puerto Rican flag blue is supposed to be azure blue—azul celeste—but it has slowly transformed into the U.S. flag blue. Only people who remember this, or who hold onto to old flags for personal reasons, know this and insist on the right color. I’m usually partial to azul celeste, but I hope you will agree this one wins for bombast.” Photo by Thais Llorca, 2005.

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