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  1. Until State governments take responsibility for corrections; these egregious and hideous acts of human torture will continue as they have for decades. Due to our governments role in the blatant indifference to people incarcerated, unlike any other state agency, Corrections leadership has total sovereign autonomy. They control the people inside along with the millions of families outside, whose loved ones they cage. It is undeniable that government and policy makers conveniently hide behind plausible denial when publicly confronted with prison homicides, rapes, brutality and suicides. While thousands of prison employees are made the scapegoats and fired, business on the inside continues as usual. What society does not recognize and government chooses not to deal with, is the well organized systemic internal corruption within our prison systems. With a unique subculture like know other, (gangs and corrupt prison staff) run our prisons with military control and precision. A 24/7 operation funneling billions of dollars between the free world and the serpentine wire. Until the taxpayers demand regulated standards, oversight, accountability and transparency, people like Mr. Rogers will continue to suffer inconceivable psychological and physical tortures, because we continue to allow these behaviors.

    Congratulations Lois, for your dedicated commitment to fixing a broken criminal justice system one life at a time.

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