Federal Judge: Extended Solitary Confinement Causes "Lasting Psychological Damage and Emotional Harm"

In a¬†follow-up to¬†a recent¬†ruling by a federal judge that prisoners at Tamms¬†state supermax in Illinois do not receive due process,¬†the Belleville News-Democrat reports on some significant features of the judge’s written decision.¬†As George Pawlaczyk and Beth Hundsforfer write, the judge’s statement supports researchers’ findings that extended solitary confinement not only exacerbates mental illness, but causes […]

Due Process Rights Routinely Suppressed in California Prisons

In¬†a pair of articles in the Sacramento Bee, Charles Pillar writes of an important but little-discussed issue: What passes for due process inside America’s prisons. Every day, thousands of¬†inmates in prisons and jails across the country are punished for breaches of prison discipline. That punishment often consists of placement in solitary confinement, denial of parole, […]

"Never in the Civilised World Have So Many Been Locked Up for So Little"

“Rough Justice in America,” the takedown of incarceration nation published last week in The Economist, has made the rounds of blogs interested in the U.S. justice system. It needs to be mentioned here, nonetheless,¬†because of¬†the story it uses to exemplify¬†everything that’s wrong with¬†the way we handle criminal justice. That story begins with a 65-year-old orchid […]