Women Prisoners in Virginia Segregated for Having Mental Illness or “Looking Butch”

A recent article in the Charlottesville, Virginia, weekly C-Ville exposes conditions at the nearby Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women. The report is based in part on statements from representatives of the Virginia Insitutionalized Persons Project of the Legal Aid Justice Center. Project director Helen Trainor and long-time volunteer Cynthia Neff have talked to inmates and read hundreds of letters […]

Rastafarians Spend a Decade in Solitary for Refusing Haircuts

A reader recently alerted us to this story, published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch in December. It marks ten years spent in solitary confinement by a group of Rastafarian prisoners in Virginia, who have been kept in lockdown for refusing to cut the beards and dreadlocks they wear in service of their religious beliefs. Beyond the violation of these inmates’ right […]