Now that Solitary Watch has gone public on search engines, listservs, and the like, we invite the community of readers to help us with this collaborative (and thusfar, all-volunteer) endeavor. Here is what you can do to participate in this effort to bring the issue of solitary confinement in the United States out of the shadows and into the public square:

> Learn more about the Solitary Watch project on the “About” page.

> Subscribe to Solitary Watch News by email. (Sign up in the sidebar.)

> Subscribe to Solitary Watch News feed in a reader. (Ditto.)

> Follow Solitary Watch News on Twitter. (Click on “Twitter Updates” in the sidebar.)

> Forward Solitary Watch News to friends and associates (especially the ones who are up in arms about Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib, but may not know about what’s going on in their own state prisons).

> Share Solitary Watch News with former inmates (and current ones, as restrictions allow), as well as their families, friends, lawyers, and advocates.

> Comment on posts to share information and perspectives.

> Email or write us with your stories, ideas, resources, links, and suggestions for how to make Solitary Watch News best serve the community on which it depends. (See the “Contact” page for details.)

Thank you for your interest and participation in Solitary Watch News.

4 thoughts on “Become a Solitary Watcher

  1. This is a great endeavor. Thanks to all responsible.

  2. Thanks for being there. Shawna is now going on 7 months in solitary confinement of what will probably be an 18 mo. imprisonment in jail prior to her trial. They already asked for the Death Penalty before the trial date was even set, and there is NO EVIDENCE against her.

  3. Shawna Forde was been held in solitary confinement in JAIL for 7 months, based on the administration’s claim that they have no other way to keep her safe from the other inmates in the general population. Yet her trial date is ONE YEAR+ away! She is being punished before being convicted of a crime.

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